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Our Story

Designers In Meaningful Jewellery

Here at Element Star we are proud to work with gifted designers and partners that memorialise your occasion. Your passion to eternalise an occasion encapsulates our value…to create bespoke meaningful jewellery.

With 20 years of experience in jewellery design and production, we have launched our online services to offer you a service to personalise your gift for every occasion. Our elements from the necklace, gift box and thoughtful card is an experience that will capture the essence of your feelings in class.

Most people feel that a bespoke item of jewellery would set them back a fortune so they don’t even consider it or walk into a shop but that’s where I saw a gap in the market. Using our experienced designer experts in conjunction with our advanced 3D printed technology we are able to offer high value masterpieces.


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Guilt Free Elements

There is no point in crafting your memories off the back of unethical and corrosive practices using laboured humans that also want to have a wonderful life. Our ethos maybe a fantasy to some but memorising jewellery is akin to the purest form of art for us so our entire process from sourcing to delivery, will be carefully selected to ensure the product we produce is sustainable and ethical so our clients can enjoy their masterpiece guiltfree.


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Our workbench. Our canvas.

Our workshops and 3D printing design studio have master goldsmiths, CAD designers, expert mounters stone setters to perfectly curate your vision. For our clients seeking bespoke services we have experienced artisans who will carefully work with you, designing creatively and importantly within your budget.



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Inspiration is found in moments of reflection

Our inspiration comes from your occasions and memories. They are precious because its reality in almost fantasy realm. Our designers are honoured and feel privileged that our clients share their inner most emotions so we handle it with great care and masterfully curate and materialise it.


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Our ethos

Having worked with some of the top luxury retailer like Harrods and Selfridges and Ritz Carlton I felt that luxury experience was often experienced by the exclusive. The wonderful treatment and service the privileged received was intoxicatingly desirable yet I felt that this experience should be given to everyone.

Hospitality and creating a luxury experience for every customer stem from my teams’ deep passion to immortalise memories, our most treasured thoughts that are often irreplaceable.


A rainbow isn't just one colour

We have a wide range of products and our service extends to provide personalisation at every stage. What sets us apart from others is our attention to detail to service and being inclusive for those that really want to experience luxury.

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Beyond seasons

Our service will have you delighted, every time you wear our masterpiece that joy of happiness will come from your deep emotion. This goes beyond fashionable trends…. but rather a touch of your own treasure.

Whether you are treating yourself or gifting a present, with our service, we are committed to providing our customers with a unique, superior and thoughtful online shopping experience. We have high quality manufacturers and suppliers; At the same time, we are constantly optimizing our purchasing and production processes to ensure that our products are of high quality.  

Our website attaches great importance to customer service, and customers' opinions are important information to promote us to develop, improve and enhance ourselves. If you encounter any difficulties during your consumption, please check out other terms of our website or feel free to contact our staff.