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Behind the scenes: The Workbench

Jewellery workbenches are a place of focus, mastery and perfection. We get our inspiration from stories and memories that usually originate from special occasions. Our philosophy is to bring out those meaningful memories with symbolism, assembled the way you like.

Behind the scenes, The Workbench series explores our insights, processes and our craft. We will also explore the stories behind the designs.


Our workbench

The art of designing jewellery is inspired by many emotions, adornment, social acceptance , symbols of commitment, memoralisation. Whilst all of these are true we focus on memories and profound personal occasion that evoke a deep sense of pride

Our process start with working closely with creatives such as photographers, artist, designers to continuesly explore fresh ideas and curiously explore ourselves, our past and our place. Emotional connection to an item will always bring out the significance of the gem or any other pendant.

 We found a growing trend with accessories related to friendships, and connection of strong bonds that was worn daily, we ampflied this trend by making meaningful  jewellery that can also be worn daily.

We, as  jewellery designers must either think about the person who will be enjoying the works along with their lifestyle and needs, or consider the carefully selected gem or material that is before them how to best bring out its beauty.

Element Star has therefore prepared two methods when designing our necklace a collection that appeals to a segment of the population with a particular sense of style and upmarket niche which uses 3D printed design.

From the purist’s view of jewellery designing, it would be nice if we could let our imagination go in any direction we wished and create free-spirited themes as they come to mind.

In actuality, precious gems and metal require a bit more planning. When fine jewelry is designed, we must meet the desires of the individuals for whom it is intended. Consideration has to be placed on a wide variety of concerns, ranging from color and styling to the cost of materials.

Once a theme, value, and target user are established, the artist can work within reasonable boundaries and unleash the talents and passion they possess. With a given theme and reasonable parameters on materials, it is possible to confidently design jewellery and reflect the mood or emotion desired.

Many of today’s artisans will create a comprehensive, computer rendering through CAD jewellery design. Our designers, in particular Apollo will simply work with a visual image in their mind. Regardless of the methods, the original design will continue to evolve throughout the entire creation process. It seems that subtle tweaks are inevitable once the jewelry construction begins. It is almost impossible for artisans designing jewelry to anticipate all of the engineering issues encountered in jewellery fabrication and stone placement. Whether feasibility or esthetic, design alterations continue as the masterpiece evolves at the hand of the craftsman.

Designing Gemstone Jewelry

When designing gemstone jewellery, the determining factor is the gemstone. In most cases when the jewellery design revolves around the gemstone it is because it is exceptionally unique in character, or a non-traditional shape or size.

This is why the birthstone collection is so important for us. The goal is usually simplicity, in order to draw attention to the primary gem. Elements of style and decisions about symmetry can be applied; however, the primary goal is to make the rare jewel the most important element of the piece.


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