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Yours, Unique, Initial story

Yours, Unique, Initial story

"Hello, i am an illustrator and graphic designer from Netherlands, and today, i will be illustrating an hour tour for element star. The timeless, collection, is about origins, present and future, and i have decided to discuss about friendship today. And also the ways, we can show our special people just how much we care.

For instance, "friendship" can be like finding a cool item that immediately reminds you of your best friend, it's about of those moments, when, after getting to know them really well, you are convince that they were abosolutely love it.

I remember when i was younger, my best friend had given me a personalised necklace with the letter A for my birthday, The fun thing was that both of us have names that start to the letter A.
Eventually, she had gotten one herself, and we make an appoint to wear it, whenever we were hang out together."

Our designer friendship shows us that she and her best friend start with the letter "A". Also they will give each other the birthday gifts, hanging out, do many things together. They have built a long-term friendship with each other.

So, what is your initial story? Would you mind to share it? Just leave a comment, and show your initial topic to more people, friendship, love, family, your name origin, etc.


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