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mother gifts, mum, pink birthday necklace, rose gold

Top 5 reasons why your mom deserves this

In recent years, rose gold has made a massive presence in fashion. While the colour was related to inexpensive, low-quality designs, stylists speedily put a pin in that fable when luxury rose gold accessories started coming into the market and becoming a prevalent and frequently principal selection for customers.

Rose gold jewellery has transformed how many people talk about gold. Rose gold delivers a traditional vibe with minimalistic jewellery characteristically found in more expensive designs. It's an appealing fresh twist on yellow gold, and chic women worldwide are prettifying it. What sets it separately is the reddish-pinkish shade that comes from the copper mingled in with the real gold. A rose gold necklace with a gold plated chain would be the best gift for your mum this year!

mother gifts, mum, pink birthday necklace, rose gold

1. It’s in style

It’s in fashion nowadays! Instagram nevertheless confirms otherwise. The hashtag #rosegold shows over 7.6 million search results, in contrast to #whitegold, which offers 2.1 million and #yellowgold, which shows nearly 1 million. “Rose gold” also indicates a well-liked search term among Pinterest users, ensuing in numerous boards and pins that show jewellery pieces, engagement rings, bridal add-ons and even celebrities.

Furthermore, rose gold appeared in a current Vogue article that puts all the limelight on gold plated chain necklaces. 

2. It’s minimalist but never ordinary:

The question with the minimalism trend is that very frequently, and you wind up feeling underdressed. But gold, even rose gold, won’t make you feel less. Rose gold is a chosen piece for any place since it adds a chic touch to your overall look without looking excessive.

3. It can be worn on any occasion.

Your mum can wear it on a varied collection of times! Rose gold jewellery presently is famous for wearing at work, but that effortlessly transforms into informal outings, a night out with friends, and even formal parties.

4.  It works with all skin tones.

It matches all skin tones, making it faultless for your mum to wear anywhere. The shade of rose gold is frequently labelled as inviting and idealistic, and against dark skin tones, its shine looks tremendously aesthetic. 

rose gold, mum, mother necklace, pink birthday gifts

5. And finally, what makes rose gold so exceptional and fashionable is how it’s made:

Gold jewellery is frequently made from a combination or ‘alloy’ of gold and some other metal. In the circumstance of rose gold, copper is diversified with 18 karat gold to generate a reddish-pink hue and the additional copper, the more prevailing the red colour.

If you’re thinking of buying rose gold jewellery for your mum, you can be confident that she'll love it. So, cash in on this trend and get all the welfares of making an asset in gold jewellery, with a much more contemporary, up-to-the-minute and modish look, with rose gold. Pair it up with a thoughtful card, and we’re sure you’ll move your mum to tears of happiness!


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