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October Birthstone for your special one

October Birthstone for your special one

What is Pink Amethyst?

Pink amethyst hasn’t always been part of the crystal game. It’s a new stone that was only discovered very recently, in a deposit in Patagonia, Argentina. Amethyst becomes pink as a result of inclusions of Hematite within the crystalline structure. 

Scientists have spent a lot of time examining pink amethyst stone, and were able to conclude early on that this crystal is undoubtedly closer to amethyst than any other major mineral, including rose quartz. 

Is Pink Amethyst Real? 

Pink amethyst is as real as the deposit in which it was found. If you can get your hands on a genuine piece of the stone, you’re in the presence of a natural, Earth-made wonder. 

However, because pink amethyst only comes from one, very isolated place in South America, sourcing authentic stones isn’t always a walk in the park. Crystal fraud is a global issue, with certain producers having mastered the art of making counterfeit stones using glass and dye. 

Unfortunately, because pink amethyst has such a basic crystalline structure, it is incredibly easy to replicate and there are an abundance of fake stones being sold worldwide. 

It can be very hard to tell a real piece of pink amethyst from a fake one, especially to a beginner in the industry. 

Pink Amethyst vs Amethyst 

As we know, pink amethyst occurs when Hematite enters into the crystalline formation of the stone, whilst still under the Earth. This gives pink amethyst its distinguished color relative to regular amethyst, which is typically a vibrant purple. 

Many see pink amethyst as the softer and more feminine version of regular amethyst. Despite being softer, pink amethyst is no less powerful, and it can definitely be an advantage to have both of these stones in your collection. 

Where is Pink Amethyst Found? 

As mentioned, pink amethyst was discovered not long ago in Patagonia, Argentina. Here, there is a mine known as El chiquada, and it is one of the most used sites in the region. Within it, pink amethyst has been forming for some thousands of years, just waiting for keen eyes to spot it. 

Because pink amethyst is reliant on this individual site, it is considered to be a very rare crystal. If you’re looking to purchase, your best bet of finding pink amethyst is online or via specialized mineral dealers. 

It’s highly unlikely you’ll find pink amethyst at a market stall, or even in your local esoteric shop. 

When buying, always double check the integrity of the seller, and opt for customer reviews or references when possible. Be on the lookout for counterfeit stones, especially those with prices that are simply too good to be true. 

Pink Amethyst Meaning

Throughout history, amethyst as a stone has come to mean an array of different things. It has been used in prized crowns for many a monarch, and even came to signify a symbol of sobriety when wine goblets started being carved out of the crystal. 

Pink amethyst’s stone meaning is yet to be determined in the world. It has not yet had a longstanding history within society, so unique, endearing meanings are still very much subjective. 


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