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May Birthstone Guide: Emerald

May Birthstone Guide: Emerald

This beautiful green 

In depth meaning

Like most gems, their meanings have some ancient times! Emerald has originated from the Greek word “smaragdos,” which means “green stone”. The gemstone comes from the beryl family and its color can range from a light to the most sought after deep green hue.


Origins of the Emerald Trend

It started in the times of the Egyptian. It is said that the oldest emeralds are about 3 billion years old…shocking right?! The stone was very popular in Egypt and people considered it to be a symbol of eternal life. No surprise, Tthe famous Cleopatra herself favored the gem and donned it often.

During the hippy era, entertainers and socialites wore various pieces that included the emerald. Unique brooches, necklaces, earrings, and rings featured the gem along with some diamond accents. 

In 1942, The British Queen Elizabeth was given the coveted Greville Kokoshnik emerald tiara. This beauty was made of rose-cut diamonds set in platinum with a large emerald in the front and six emeralds on each side. Fast forward to a few years ago, Princess Eugene rocked the family heirloom at her 2018 wedding.


Healing Properties

Adult life is nothing short of pressure, stress and overwhelming responsibility. I never thought I would make it past 35! Wearing a piece of emerald jewelry can help alleviate this unwanted feeling! Your mind will be able to open up and recognize what is troubling you at the moment. The negative energy or Chakra will be released – leaving you cool, calm, and collected. Go and live your best life!

Some days your heart may be feeling a little down. Whether it’s the daily stressors of life or it’s been a rough day, feelings can build up. With an emerald, your heart will be healed! 

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