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How To Choose The Better Wedding Jewelry?

On the day of the wedding, the bride needs to wear wedding jewelry, not only for decoration, but also for their own married life to make a good fortune. But the bride wears jewelry to buy is also a learning curve. So how to buy wedding jewelry?

wedding jewelry, wedding planning, wedding bridal

A, gold chapter

1, buy gold symbolism

Buy gold is to wish the new couple can love than gold, so gold is one of the essential bride price when getting married.

2, "in pairs" to buy

Buy gold jewelry is best to buy "a pair" to take the symbolism of pairs. For example, gold bracelets to buy a pair, the style of the preferred dragon and phoenix bracelet, which has a good symbolism of dragon and phoenix.

3, the wedding day to wear

The male family in the bride's family to give the gold jewelry, the bride is best to wear on the wedding day. In the traditional concept, the more ornaments the bride wears, on behalf of the host family the more decent, the more the bride is favored and blessed.

4, pay attention to maintenance

Gold is soft and easy to scratch and deform when worn daily, so the couple should pay more attention to maintenance when wearing gold.

5, with collection value and value preservation role

Gold itself has a certain value-keeping function, so if you do not wear it every day, you can also collect it. At the same time gold also has a commemorative and heritage value, later can also be passed on to the next generation, with a more special meaning and sense of ceremony.

Second, the diamond chapter

1、K gold or platinum

K gold and platinum are the more common diamond ring materials, both have their advantages and disadvantages, the specific choice of which one, the new couple can decide according to their own situation.

2、Buy a cost effective diamond ring

There are many types and brands of diamond rings on the market, so when buying a diamond ring, make sure to do more homework in advance to avoid buying unqualified or too expensive diamonds.

3、About the pair of rings

Compared to diamond rings, wedding rings are more suitable for daily wear. The rings are mainly decorated with plain rings and simple diamonds. If your fingers are thick, you should wear a thicker ring, which will be more atmospheric and can also look thin; on the contrary, slender fingers are suitable for wearing a thin and elegant ring.

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