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A special initial for every member of your family

A special initial for every member of your family

Personalized gift

A few times year I’ll reach for a statement necklace or earrings but the rest of the time I keep my jewelry choices pretty simple and minimal. If there is ever a time that I forget to put on jewelry, I feel completely empty.

I love the American trendy approaches to personalized jewelry. It’s an easy way to wear something that is meaningful to you while still being understated with your jewelry choices. I found a lot of great options for personalized jewelry on Amazon, and there are also so many small businesses with beautiful instagram feeds showing the simple designs you can buy as well.

My first gold pendant

I believe one of the first personalized pieces of jewelry I got was an initial necklace from Maya Brenner. I have one with a “M initial”, and another one with “S” initial & “L” initial. When we name the newest arriva;, I’ll send the necklace back to have that initial added to it!

My brother made me some pendant necklaces with the boys’ names on them, and I wear those quite often his name is Charlie so not doubt I put a “c initial” on my bracelet! Yes not only necklace!

There is always a special day around the corner thoughtful piece of jewelry may be the perfect thing to get for your own mother, or another mom that you know and love!

p.s. check out this cute watch to pair with your personalized jewelry and these perfect sandals for spring or summer!


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