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Gold-Plated Jewelry Care Tips

Many people love gold-plated jewelry, because gold-plated jewelry is not only a good price, but also can be used as jewelry to modify our identity, but of course they look exquisite, but in fact are particularly fragile and need you to spend time to maintain. But not everyone knows how to maintain gold-plated jewelry, now let the diamond bird editor tell you how to maintain gold jewelry!

  I. Avoid friction

  As we all know, gold-plated jewelry can often change the style, with a beautiful appearance, it refers to the appearance of other metals plated with a layer of gold. Because of this, so in daily life inside, should not let it produce friction with other precious metals as far as possible, the surface layer will wear off, otherwise it will lose its original light.

  II. Avoid touching with acid and alkaline substances

  For gold and silver jewelry maintenance has a certain understanding of friends, necessarily know in the bath or do housework, should be placed in a special jewelry box for maintenance, like soap and water detergent and other alkaline substances directly gold-plated jewelry contact, or easy to fade the original luster.

  III. Avoid bumping and pulling

  Because the gold-plated jewelry contains less gold, even if it is high purity gold-plated jewelry, may be more durable and hardness will last longer, but its hardness is still not compared with 100% pure gold, if in the dry chores when still wearing it, then it is easy to collision, easy to cut the situation.

  IV. Regular cleaning

  Maintenance of gold-plated jewelry and maintenance of other gold and silver jewelry similar, are required to carry out regular cleaning, which helps him to maintain the original luster brightness. How to maintain gold-plated jewelry, the main part of the cleaning is to put it in alcohol for a few minutes, so that its sweat and dirt evaporate with alcohol, and then rinse through water and dry it. In addition, you can also use old toothpaste or jewelry cleaning solution, gently scrub the surface of the dirt.

  V. Daily wear attention

  In daily life, in addition to prohibit friction metal contact with acid and alkaline substances, prohibit bumping and pulling in addition, gold-plated jewelry in the maintenance of the time, should also avoid placing it to the high temperature, otherwise it is easy to produce deformation because of the temperature. For example, you want to take a high temperature hot bath.

     VI. Try not to wear when sleeping

     We all do not know what kind of way we will fall asleep, when we fall asleep, whether you are a "moving" sleeper, or a sleepwalker, will produce some unexpected friction, the next day to get up, maybe you will lament: how my necklace has become this way! If so, it's best to think back to last night to see if you rolled around to sleep. And even more: how come there are teeth marks on my necklace? Yes, maybe you dreamed it while who taught it, but it was in the form of something in your dream. We can't be sure about the food safety of gold-plated jewelry. So, in order to maintain the long-lasting beauty of gold-plated jewelry and your own health: do not wear jewelry while sleeping.


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