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The Ultimate idea of Gift exchange that Start with the Letter …  | Alphabet Grab Bag Gift Exchange Ideas

The Ultimate idea of Gift exchange that Start with the Letter … | Alphabet Grab Bag Gift Exchange Ideas

How to Hold an Alphabet Grab Gift Exchange

We have all been there… there is a birthday celebration coming up and there isn’t enough time to grab a gift that appears meaningful! So easy to buy flowers or  a bottle of wine. We can deliver our gifts fast and it will be suitable for every occasion from Birthdays to Hannukah.

When it comes to thanksgiving or Christmas, do you come from a big family? Isn’t great when the family gets together, playing games or secret santa.

Add some spice to your gift exchange by drawing a letter, or letters!

The easiest way to do this is by using a set of scrabble tiles.

It adds a creativity and opens up the door to a whole lot of banter, “it’s not a stretch to call for a Ruby red birthstone necklace!

However you choose to celebrate, here are our gift ideas for every letter of the alphabet!

Our collection is affordable, chic and a valuable gift for anyone seeking a contemporary necklace


B Gift ideas

This beautiful 18ct yellow gold chain personalized initial pendant necklace will compliment all who wears, ensuring a fun and elegant look.

Wearing an initial is a classic way to make a statement! Show off your first name or your new last name! This

B initial is able to represent different meaning and significance value for different people in telling their personal story and identity.


C initial rose gold necklace

Our initials have the highest possible gold plating for durablilty  that will last for years. C necklace gold comes in yellow, white or a rose gold finish. Initial pendants are elegant, classic, and customizable with multiple pendants. This makes them the ideal little gift to get for anyone on your list. And while initial jewelry is a timeless jewelry staple, it is always trending, which means there are currently many designs available for you to choose from yellow gold, white gold or the highly popular rose gold.


 F Gifts

Some people say that if you love someone, you must give her the best. We want to say that if you love someone, you should give her the initial heart necklace.

When she wears this F Initial necklace she'll have a reminder of her strength and that you are always there for her. Let her know you'll love them forever with this elegant F pendant. You don’t have to wait for a Birthday! This gift is great for valentines day or a friendship anniversary gifts.


J Gifts

The pendant initial necklace with graceful appearance, minimalism style,
symbols you or your families’initial name to express feelings which will make her charm and stylish in the crowd.
This is the perfect presentation, and the perfect gift for that "Someone special" in your life.


M necklace silver

We have white gold plating jewellery which makes our pendants and chains that little bit extra special. We used 925 silver as a base and coat it with our precious white gold giving it more luxury. Click here to discover more. M necklace charm, is great for 18th necklace birthday or a mothers day gift


 s necklace silver

They say that people with the name of s are warm, loving, understanding, sympathetic and compassionate. No doubt they will enjoy s initial pendant. We have white gold instead of silver and for the same price as silver, you can effectively upgrade your gift from 925 silver to gold plated white gold plating.

Need an excuse to gift some an S necklace in white gold? How about a gift as a token of appreciation or confession of affectionate feelings to your love ! Click here to  discover more


Letter U Necklace for U Gifts

U isn’t a popular initial for a name but that’s what makes it more unique. You can combine this with birthstones giving it an extra feness of uniqueness. Our timeless collection of gold plated U initial pendants can also be combined with our luxury gift box where your giftbearer will be delighted. Click here to explore our gift boxes.


Y necklace letter

Available in 18ct gold chain this dazzling Y initial pendant necklace  is classic, delicate, yet luxurious. In this design, a minimalist Y letter in white gold plating dangles from a white gold chain, which has a customizable length, thanks to three loops that rest along the end of the chain.  Now the trending fashions is to have contrasting metals, yellow gold and rose gold together or silver and rose gold mixed into one combination. Be bold!


     Apollo- CAD Designer Maestro


Honed craftsman courtesy of Sheffield Hallam University, explorer of deep psychological human needs for inspiration
"Cherishing your loved ones, is never a matter of choice. Your just feel it."
Apollo explores new design possibilities using CAD technology for his bespoke clients, putting psychoanalytical-esqe details in the work. A Master of his craft with Zen like obsession with clients.
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