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Gifts create priceless memories and memories are the most priceless gift

Why should we care about memories

In the time of rising political risk, insane rates of inflation, fallout from Russia and increased global crises, people are seeking mental comfort. Times of the yesteryear, when we could play outside in the front of the house, go to the park without parent supervision, when we only had a few tv channels. The safe times, the good times when innocence, family and love is all we had…so the emergence of nostaligia and retro items is no surprise for many as it is another way of subconsciously escaping today’s adversities.

The 1990s was largely a time pre-social media – Facebook was founded in 2004 when many of us was just starting out as young adults. It was a time of early adulthood buying from shopping malls and some sporadic online shopping. I learnt my craft in studios without promoting my designs on Instagram, the old student union was the best place for people know about my work, at that time… I was designing necklaces and jewellery using recycled beer bottles and reused jewellery.

Now we are seeing this trend surge even more…usually trends work in 20-year cycles certainly holds true, it seems that the nostalgia of the 00s has been lingering for longer than usual, particularly during a period of uncertainty in society that affects everyone in the developed economies.

“The 1990s are pre-social media and that brings with it a supposed innocence, which makes sense,” says Dr. Kate Strasdin, a fashion lecturer at Falmouth University in England

“The interest in fashion from years gone by erases the more recent, difficult years.”

The comeback of the new polaroid’s in recent times is just another indicator that people want their memories to last in tangible way, not just in a digital format rarely visited. Our close-knit community feels that digitalization is a juxtaposition, we are so reliant on it yet we get disconnected at the same time.

Nostalgia dominates our senses; when we smell cotton candy and of course we are reminded of the fair, its not just the taste that gives us warmth, we think back to our childhoods, if you were lucky enough to have schools meals too! Now most trends are taking people back to the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Making those visiting to charity shops or even second shops in an attempt to recreate the old look of slip dresses and mini skirts and capture the same innocent memory of the young adults at the time.

As fashion jewellery designers we use the past as a muse, shaping it to fit the future by often designing a season or two in advance, it can be said that we force the past and future to converge, ultimately building a present based off of nostalgic instinct.

While you buy vintage clothing, you're not remembering something from your own past but instead taking a step into the collective memory.

But this all begs the question, why are we unable to create our own modern trends that actually last, and how does nostalgia impact that?


Our Why

This is why we got inspired to create Element Star. Memories aren’t to be forgotten, stuck in our phones, washed away by the constant tide of time or fade like the once hot embers. Memories are the those moments that give us strength and for many  hope.

Memories should be expressed, remembered and relived through all forms of art. We work with designers, artist and creatives to bring comfort from memories. We look forward whilst memorializing those moments of our lives that are meaningful. In its simplest form we used symbolism as a way to evoke up our own personal modern nostalgia that everyone can connect too.

I have some tatoos on my hand and wrist as permanent reminders but I also forget that they are there too! I usually where braclets, jewelry such  as meaningful  pendants to remind me of something special. Have you ever noticed that most people where a cruxifiction, or some sort of religious emblem, even a talisman…why? Because its gives them comfort, a reminder of their greater presence and some feel it gives them protection. A placebo affect, maybe but it’s a power symbol.

Our collections

Necklaces are a personal adornment which is why we are launching out 3D printed necklaces at high street prices in 2023.

For our 2022 collection we symbolised pendants using numbers, initials and birthstones because nostalgia allows the vintage and reemerging Y2K aesthetics to converge, bringing back some of the most significant trends and holding onto our own past while simultaneously remolding it in an image of the future.

I am confident in saying that high prices and the risk of unemployment may not be the ideal time for purchasing jewelry or even small tickets items. There is not but or ifs when it comes to securing your finances. No amount of marketing could persuade a financial constrained buyer so we have dropped our prices down to make these hard times more bearable. So you don’t have to miss out on those important celebrations…priceless memories shouldn’t be pricy.

 Timeless Fashionista

Throughout our design careers we have noticed that most people tend to wear simplified jewellery for universal appeal during their busy lives whilst appreciating high-end designer fashion at cat walks. A lot of our fans bring their personalised emotions into a purchase and using different styles to own their looks. One of the most popular and growing is layering, combine with multiple chains and you’ve got yourself a chic look. Each layer (without it getting tangled) can be personalised with another one of our pendant collection of numbers, initials or birthstones.

Our entire collection is based on timeless fashion that resonate meaning to you personally. When people are asked, if your house was burning, what would you take, almost everyone would say…

“My phone, it has everything on…my life depends on it, my photos are on there”

Back in the day, people used to say photo album but those are now retired to grandparents homes or props on movies sets. Point is… our memories are the most cherished and valueable possession we will own ever. No car, no house or wealth can fill those heartfelt moments.

Our collection will place your memories in the past, present and future for a truly timeless necklace. We’ve taken elements of human symbolism as emotion evoking inspiration for greater depth in our daily lives.

Birthstones. We start from your origins, your birth time was not determined by you. It wasn’t a decision controlled by you but yet you are here. A birthstone is reminder of our presence and mortality. Our equality and place on this earth is finite, make it count.

Initials are of course the most commonly related to names of your loved ones or even the most important person, yourself. We felt it was important to have this pendant in our collection as it really evoke a strong sense of purpose in the present moment. Love is one of strongest positive emotion we have, love yourself first to love others. Whichever initial pendant you place around your necklace, let it be the most empowering one for you.

Numbers are not hugely popular in the Europe or America but after Apollo’s partnership in Japan he noticed that numerology played a huge part of their culture. In a place that is mainly secular, the populas tend to lean on other methods of hope, symbology and to a degree… predict the future. Apollo was intrigued by the notion of an arguably ancient science that wasn’t well documented like astrology was. Why wasn’t this deeply historic science of numerology used in jewellery? Afterall it makes for a unique  and almost amulet like pendant.

Combination. For a truly timeless memorable necklace, combine the past, present and future. Every pendant is special for you because no one can buy or replace your memories. And if you’re gifting these pendants, we are sure that they’ll be very special to you.



Isabella and Apollo recognized that most celebration focused around family and noticed that not everyone in the wider, yet loved, circle was being served. No doubt birthdays are the most popular celebrations and with good reason but with the world shifting into adversity, we should find reasons to celebrate, give and spread positivity.

Here were some underrated reasons to give that caught our attention:

Aunties are like second mothers, that’s we love them! But how many people know their aunties birthday? Give an auntie present that she will cherish! Explore Auntie gifts here and let’s not forget the new-age aunty, aunties to be! I am new aunt myself and I adore those moments with my niece and nephew,  for my nephew I bought myself a October Birthstone and for my niece, I wear her birthstone for April.

Lets not forget mom's too,  explore gifts here, for a wonderful combination for Christmas!

When I was 18, it was a mild celebration to be honest with my birthday right in the middle of examination period! I couldn’t really change that but Element Star has been working with aspiring artists at grass roots levels and want to make sure that younger people are cherishing their first milestones in a better way! So we launched the number category of pendants, to make a 18th birthday necklace. We do favour the classic gold 18th gold necklace. Don’t wait for someone to buy it, embrace your new independence! If you have a younger sister, for sure she’ll appreciate that her older sibling is gifting a meaningful present!

We are not sure why but mothers are definitely underated when it comes to giving gifts! A necklace for your mum doesn’t need an occasion right? All mum’s love jewellery- both young and old, not because if its material value. We know and respect our mothers enough to know they are not magpies, it’s the essence of gifting. We think of it as gesture of appreciation, a symbol of affection so it needed be excessive, a simple touch of a rose gold initial pendant would be lasting touch of remembrance for the same price of a boutique of flowers. Not to stamp of that idea at all! Symbols of love with a note from our gift package will allow you write your own personalised message to go with your mum necklace.



We really care about our planet because what we take from it, comes part us.  A respect for the planet is respect for each other and the next generation. We made a promise to ourselves that we wont’ be accountable for the damage, holes and toxic biproducts of the manufacturing. So we have painstakely reviewed our processes and tried to cut, reduce or neutralize our footprint. We have reviewed in particular our gemstones process and believe we are on our way to making the world a more beautiful place both environmentally and peoples lives

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