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Discover April Birthstone:  Diamonds

Discover April Birthstone: Diamonds

What is the Birthstone for April? 

The Birthstone that represents April is Diamond—representing eternal love in accordance with De Beers anyway! At the same time, a diamond is believed to bring courage to the wearer by ancients. Our Birthstone is from a sustainably lab grown source which makes it more affordable and less damaging to the environment.

Diamond comes from the Greek word Adamas meaning invincible which makes sense as diamonds are known as the strongest material on earth and it is the strongest gemstone.

Origins of Diamonds

Diamonds formed almost 250 km deep below the Earth in the mantle. Incredibly, diamonds came into existence as long ago as 4 billion years.

Ancient cultures discovered the April birthstone in Hindustan, know India. Diamonds gathered from the country’s rivers and streams were traded as early as the fourth century BC. Moreover, royalty and the high class elite coveted diamonds for their beauty and value.

Merchant caravans traded for Indian diamonds, along with other exotic merchandise. As a result, their trade routes continued the medieval markets of Venice. By the 1500s, diamonds became highly sought after accessories for Europe’s elite and ruling classes. 

Fun Fact: Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave the first diamond engagement ring on record to his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy, in 1477.


Styling of Diamond Birthstone

Diamond birthstones for April are really most suited towards White gold, check out our gold plated white gold

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