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Best Ways to Wear Layered gold and silvers Necklace

Best Ways to Wear Layered gold and silvers Necklace

Layered gold and silvers Necklace

The most preferred methods to style them is to pile up diverse types of necklaces at once or trying to match your pre-layered necklace with another piece.

Also, you can easily express yourself by adding a fashionable personalized pendant or lucky charm that is engraved with your initials and represents your nature.

Layered necklaces look so good in combination with a V-neck top

A V-neck top creates a natural frame for the layering to take affect. Our favourite is to wear a dark navy or black to contrast the gold layered necklaces.

gold layered necklace with gold and silver pendants

Wear a body chain with a delicate necklace for a unique style

Body chains are definitely one of the types of jewelry that are very bold and stylish.  Sometimes there are connations to a more a wild side so we understand that it needs more than a double espresso to get you out of your comfort zone for this one but give it a try. You might just enjoy that extra embellishment with your outfit.

To master the technique of wearing layering necklaces like a pro simply add a delicate necklace to your body chain and there is no doubt that it will look just stunning!

gold chains body chains on the neck and danty chain combination

Minimalist choker and delicate necklaces for a chic clean look

The famous phrase of less is more can be a confusing one especially when you are to layer gold and silver necklaces!

 The minimalist look is constructed with a balance of delicate designs that are combined together to give you a very stylish and sleek overall look that will bring out your confidence.

There is definitely a beauty in simplicity, almost enhancing the elegance of a fashionista.

Try to layer a delicate gold or silver chain or choker with a fine necklace to achieve this fashionable style. Its more effective to combine such a style with other minimalistic pieces to keep the simplistic, yet elegant and modern style of these beautiful designs.

minimalistic jewellery choice with choker and gold pendant

Big knit wear or cardigans and dainty gold plated pendant necklaces for a modern style

Winter chills will force to layer up, so layer up your jewellery!

Some people keep their jewellery tucked in during a chill but that’s when it’s a great time for you style to shine. Try to combine a warm and relaxed knitted jumper or cardigan with different in length delicate pendant necklaces.

It looks very comfy, stylish and effortless. What a better way to make your outfits more creative  and fashionable during the colder days than a nice stack of layered necklaces. This style is particularly popular with open cardigans or V-neck sweaters.

winter layering gold chain with a coin

Lariat necklaces for a very cool chic look

Lariat necklaces for a very cool chic look

Lariant pieces are so versatile and adaptable to any style. They look very elegant and chic when styled with your outfit. You can layer them with another delicate necklace or a short gold chain for a trendy and fashionable look.

There is no doubt that a lariat necklace is great inclusion for a layered necklace idea.

low cut gold layered chains with a lariat necklace

Wearing your necklace backwards

Often styled for evening attire its not a new trend but seldomly explored. Deep open dresses are a wonderful opportunity to try this creative layered necklace idea. Try and use a long elegant necklace for greater impression.


Retro and vintage-inspired necklaces for necklace combo

Vintage layered necklaces are a classy looking. Also, they can consist of beads, pearly and floral elements or even a Victorian style enamel pendants.

Layered gold necklaces of a vintage style go tremendously well in trendy Soho Jazz bars of London where fashion is always alive.

retro and vintage layered gold necklaces

Upcycling, recycling, don’t throw it away

with the rising trend of refurbishing jewellery, buying second hand and upcycling jewellery- why not reuse your old jewellery. It’s a savvy, sustainable and stylish way to stay fashionable. Combing your old and new necklaces together is another brilliant layering idea.

It is a great idea because you can create yourself a very unique design on a budget whilst reducing your carbon footprint. Everybody wins!

upcycled old jewellery and modern gold chains


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