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About Aquamarine Birthstone

About Aquamarine Birthstone


Colour: Aquamarine in many hues of blue ranging from a soft pale sky blue to a vivid turquoise like the deep oceans. Aquamarine is a type of beryl  deep green variety of the mineral

Appearance: Commonly aquamarine is transparent, but it can also be opaque. It grows in a hexagonal crystal formation, typical inclusions are fine hollow rods that most reflect white light. 

Rarity: Aquamarine is a well-sourced and common gemstone, however certain colors and rare as it other stones. Madagascan aquamarine tends to be of a deeper blue hue which is one of the most sought after colours of the gem at the present time. Cats eye aquamarine is also very popular which is usually cut into cabochon stones to maximise the optical effect over the surface of the stone.

Mohs Scale Hardness: Aquamarine measures 7.5 on the Mohs scale so is one of the harder grades of stones, not as hard as diamond.

Sourced: Aquamarine is most commonly found in South America however it can also be found in Mexico, United States, Brazil, Russia, Afghanistan, India, Nigeria and Madagascar. 

aquamarine briolettes


Before the sea green / blue was populat, whereas in more recent times the sky blue and dark blue varieties have become more popular. It's green / blue colouring is given by the amount of iron content the gem contains. Trending colour with different times

With most of the aquamarine that is available, a heat treatment is often applied to enhance its blue hues and the untreated stones tend to have a more greenish tinge to them. The blue hues can also be lost by overheating the stones - we recommend that it is always best to set your gemstone last so that it does not come under any unnecessary heat.

Aquamarine being the colour of water has been named 'The Sailors Lucky Stone' due to its link to the life-giving force of nature. In Latin tradition it has also been named 'Water of The Sea'.

Old traditions say that by wearing aquamarine you will enjoy a happy marriage and it is said to bring the woman who wears it joy and wealth!

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