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A Great Time For A Meaningful Piece of Jewelry

A Great Time For A Meaningful Piece of Jewelry

A few times a year I’ll reach for a bold necklace or rings but the rest of the time I keep my jewelry choices pretty minimal and vanilla. If there is ever a time that I forget to put on jewelry, I feel completely nude.

I love the modern approaches to personalized jewelry. It’s a sweet way to wear something that is meaningful to you without having to be bold all the time with jewelry choices.


I recall one of the first personalized pieces of jewelry I got was an initial necklace from my mother, it was a reminder for our family names.  I have one with a “S”, and another one with “D” & “L”. At that time, Charm braclets were also popular but my mother said, having it around you neck was a sure of keeping the family close to your heart. 

Mother’s Day, or a birthday is a great time for a meaningful piece of jewelry. Click here to find more.

 initial d character, yellow gold, d initial, d letter, d necklace
initial l character, white gold, l initial, l letter, l necklace
 initial s character, yellow gold, s initial, s letter, s necklace

     Apollo- CAD Designer Maestro


Honed craftsman courtesy of Sheffield Hallam University, explorer of deep psychological human needs for inspiration
"Good times come and go but memories last forever"
Apollo explores new design possibilities using CAD technology for his bespoke clients, putting psychoanalytical-esqe details in the work. A Master of his craft with Zen like obsession with clients.
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